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Catering to adult whims and nostalgia for the old days, auctions of toys and models provide a wealth of boat and aeroplane models, electric trains and miniature cars – particularly dinky toys: decidedly the rolls-royces of small collectors' cars.
With board games and games of chance, these drouot online sales of toys and models also provide enthusiasts with antique chess and domino sets, packs of cards, snakes and ladders games and automata, those luxury toys for overgrown children.
Auctions of porcelain dolls (the most popular being antique "jumeau" babies with closed mouths and "bru" babies) hold delights for collectors, alongside the celebrated teddy bears made by steiff.
Did you know ? The name teddy bear comes from the 26th us president, Theodore Roosevelt, who was nicknamed "teddy". One day he came home empty-handed from a bear hunt, and his entourage decided to tie a bear cub to a tree so that he could shoot it. Deeply shocked, roosevelt let the animal go. Two russian emigrants immortalised the story by creating a cuddly toy bear in 1902, naming it "teddy".


Recommended lots

The sovereign II Rare epoxy resin model for the monumental sculpture exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 1972 46x27x20cm "And if Delfino resorted to the anamorphosis to pass from the object-sign to a mythical to a mythical story for our contemporary era? Visionary, then? With regard to his recent and future sculptures, he appears as the one who creates the man of tomorrow supplanting the one of today, that we will look at as the vestige of our disappeared civilization. What else does this character tell us, a masked clone, covered with pipes, emerging from a magma suggesting at the same time the vegetable, the mineral, an animal caught in meanders from which springs an anthropomorphic human figure victim of its own scientific experiments become unidentifiable and in that monstrous? This Scaphandrier des ténèbres (diver of darkness), full of threats and mystery, embodies a vital force. This one animates the funereal and splendid matter of this black and lightless universe. Symbolism, allied to expressionism, identifies a theater of questioning fertile in elegant finds in the ignorance of the monsters that they generate. The Night with spread wings triggers a fatal movement, reversible in that it evokes an ascending rhythm. Or is it a tree like a gallows that is associated with figures whose form evokes a giant, a helmeted, caparisoned astronaut, surrounded by vines, erotic plants, whose acrylic resin cast on mouldings manages to simulate the fantastic physiology of deities linked to natural forces? Anyway the language of the sculptor is resolutely voluptuous "

Estim. 300 - 500 EUR