This game is definitely worth the candle. In lighting auctions, enthusiasts can explore a whole range of wall lights, candle-holders, candlesticks, candelabra, lamps, lanterns, chandeliers and hanging lights.experts and auctioneers are there to shed light on these luminous objects of desire, whether they are in silver, bronze, crystal, marble, porcelain or glass.produced by the silversmith christofle or the master glassmaker lalique, embellished with a stained-glass decoration by louis comfort tiffany or dreamed up by designers like pierre chareau, max ingrand, yonel lebovici, achille castiglioni and ingo maurer, these singular creations are in the limelight in online lighting sales featuring candlesticks, candelabra, chandeliers and hanging lights, wall lamps, standard lamps, ceiling lamps, desk lamps and more.
Incidentally, did you know that light-designer ingo maurer created his bulb (1966) by enlarging the incandescent light bulb instead of hiding it with a lampshade? Since then, the 3-kg chrome-plated metal object has become a cult item, together with its 1992 variation as a table lamp with feathered wings: lucellino (mingling luce, light, and uccellino, little bird).


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