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Important Gan braceletBurkina FasoBronzeH. 30,5 cmImportant Gan bracelet of great dimension representing a coiled snake with an undulating body. It consists of a thick bronze plate whose surface is strewn with a complex engraved decoration in relief: straight lines, zigzags, dotted lines and representations of snakes.The head of the main subject is triangular in shape. Two appendages in relief mark the eyes, while a transverse bar underlines the tip of the snout.This is the most important Gan bracelet known to us. It is distinguished as much by its size as by the finesse of its carving and by its remarkable patina. This exceptional object, which remained in Maine Durieu's collection for a long time, has attracted a lot of attention. This is the very first time it has appeared on the market.See Goy B., and Itzikovitz M. (2012, p. 165, cat. 72) for a bracelet with comparable iconography, although of smaller size.The representation of the snake is the central theme of Gan art. The snake is associated with the founding myth of Torfan. The Torfan is a mythical animal represented in the form of a snake and whose strength and power are symbolized through the metal. Owning a Torfan gives the power to fight against evil.


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