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Invader Bilbao Invaded & Malaga Invaded (MAP Malaga), 2019 --- Bilbao Invaded, 2019 Dimensions: 14 x 16.5 cm Pages: 108 Spanish / French --- Malaga Invaded, 2019 Dimensions 14 x 16.5 cm Pages: 99 English French Version with the map published in 500 copies

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MITSUCHIKA: A LARGE AND RARE WALRUS IVORY NETSUKE OF A RECUMBENT COW WITH CALFBy Mitsuchika, signed MitsuchikaJapan, Kyoto or Edo, mid-19th century, Edo period (1615-1868)A large and bulky model of a recumbent cow with her calf snuggling up to her and licking her face, their eyes inlaid in dark horn. The material that was used for this powerful carving is a thick section of walrus tusk – a difficult material with many inclusions, as visible in this netsuke. Still, the details in this carving are sublime. The rope halter that passes through the nose over the back, is carved crisply. The hairwork is fine and the body proportions of the cow are boldly carved, conveying the weight of this large animal very well. In contrast, the young calf is carved sensitively. The underside shows the many hooves and large and generously deep himotoshi, as well as the signature MITSUCHIKA in a wavy reserve.LENGTH 6.5 cmCondition: Excellent condition with expected wear and age cracks.Provenance: European collection.Meinertzhagen writes that it is probable that Mitsuchika was a student of Mitsuharu of Kyoto, due to his distinct Kyoto style oxen and use of the character Mitsu 光. However, the wavy reserve and the addition of the character Chika 親, may suggest the Tomochika school of Edo. Perhaps the carver learned his craft in Kyoto and subsequently moved to Edo.Literature comparison: Compare to another netsuke of a recumbent ox with boy by Mitsuchika in Lazarnick, George, Netsuke and Inro Artists, Honolulu 1982, p. 772.This item contains ivory, rhinoceros horn, tortoise shell, and/or some types of tropical wood and is subject to CITES when exporting outside the EU. It is typically not possible to export such items outside of the EU, including to the UK. Therefore this item can only be shipped within the EU or picked up in our gallery in person.