Encolpion in rock crystal engraved with a Christ like scene. 
The medallion co…
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Encolpion in rock crystal engraved with a Christ-like scene. The medallion consists of two lenses of rock crystal, one of which is engraved in intaglio, joined and maintained by a gold frame. Scenes of the childhood of Christ in the lower register: Baptism by St. John the Baptist on the right, Virgin and Child on the left. In the center, bearded Zeus-Serapis crowned with two archangels on either side holding a sword. Above, the sun and the moon. Zeus-Serapis represents here the resurrected Christ. A particularly rare example of synchetism where paganism tried to incorporate elements of the surrounding Christianity. 3rd century H: 5,4 - W: 3,7 cm. Weight encolpion: 43 g. - Weight gold chain: 15,9 g. Provenance: Collection of the Count of Puytison Acquired by the current owner in 1989 (back plate damaged)

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