Important console in carved and gilded wood, black lacquered 
Stone top inlaid w…
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Important console in carved and gilded wood, black lacquered Stone top inlaid with scagliole. It rests on four curved legs ending in hooves, with a moving crossbar, stamped with the arms of the Montgolfier family. Italian work from the middle of the 18th century H : 85- W : 142- D : 75 cm Misses to the marquetry of the top

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(Revolution). [RABAUT DE SAINT-ETIENNE (Jean-Paul Rabaut, said)]. Collection of three important texts in one volume: 1) Important opinion on the ministry and on the next assembly of the Estates-General. S.l., 1788, 49 pages. 2) Second important notice to the nation, on the vices of its government; on the necessity of establishing a constitution; & on the composition of the Estates-General. Addressed to the Assembly of Notables. By the author of the Important Notice []. S.l., In November, 1788, 67 pages. 3) Le Tiers-État entièrement éclairé sur ses droits, ou supplément à l'Avis important ; par le même auteur. Followed by the Principles of Messrs. Necker & de Fénelon on the administration; & the difference of three months in 1788, by the Marquis de Casaux. S.l., 1788, 52 pages 11,5 by 19 cm. Full modern bradel paperback in perfect condition. Excellent condition inside. Very rare collection of three essential writings of Rabaut Saint-Etienne on the Estates-General, in first edition. 1) Very rare edition published in the same year as the one that Conlon 88: 3855 considers the original. It is likely that our edition with one more page than the one described by Conlon is in fact the true original. The CCFr. and the Worldcat do not locate any copy. 2) First edition. Very rare. Conlon 88 : 3857 locates only one copy in France (B.M. de Montauban). 3) First edition. Very rare. Conlon 88: 3858 locates only one copy (B.M. de Grenoble). RABAUT SAINT-ETIENNE, influential actor during the Revolution, publishes here his first political texts For scholar and collector